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Do Something

Title track from Do Something

The final track released from the Do Something album is the title track. This album is meant to give examples of what the average American can do to restore the Republic. These include calling out evil when we see it, even in the face of political correctness. It also includes using our money in a very planned way to reward those who honor the Constitution, and make broke those who don’t.

While it does have a driving beat from beginning to end, I can’t think of a single band that this song sounds like. There are lots of little traveling bass lines and vocal intricacies. We hope you enjoy it!

Do Something – TERRANOMALY

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Great Awakening

It’s been a while, but the rest of the album is getting completed! Here is the newest track to be finished called “Great Awakening.” The stuff I was chatting about months ago is happening now. Heck, the whole Wake Up album is happening now, and it was released in 2015.

The entire DO SOMETHING album is within 30 days of being a stand-alone, and it will be part of the WakeUpAndDoSomething bracelet along with the Wake Up album and other tracks Terranomaly has created.

Meanwhile, here’s Great Awakening:

Great Awakening from the Terranomaly DO SOMETHING album
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Another NEW RELEASE! Shadowbanned

This time, it’s SHADOWBANNED! Let’s hope the song doesn’t suffer from what it is all about! Conservative viewpoints are being hidden, kept from trending, and outright FUTZED with by social media giant corporations. Had to write a song about it, so here it is!

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Woah! A THIRD Song From DO SOMETHING album!

Yes, Jeff and I are working like maniacs to get this 2nd album to you, as the times are changing so fast, they’re almost keeping up with my lyrics!
This 3rd release from DO SOMETHING  is called “Story Behind the Story” and that is, of course, what Terranomaly has ALWAYS been about. With the FAKE NEWS media trying hard to bury what is really going on, the alternative (or REAL media) is offering all the truth, if you know where to look for it.
At this point, ignorance is a choice, but since you’re here, you probably already know that!
Thanks for supporting TERRANOMALY, and be sure to tell all your aware, and becoming aware friends and family of this site!

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Q (Where We Go One, We Go All)

It’s another new track from the upcoming DO SOMETHING album called Q (Where We Go One, We Go All). Being a world-wide phenomenon, Jeff and I decided a song needed to be written about Q and the Q anon movement.

Guaranteed the only song you’ll find “Gonna kick the Deep State right in the cabals” in the lyrics!

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New Album, New Track

Hello Terranomaly fans! It’s good to be alive, isn’t it? It’s an exciting time for recovery of common sense in America.
After Jeff and I wrote the WAKE UP album, identifying most of the big problems in our lives, we knew we wanted to write an album that gave us the answers on what to do to fix those problems.
That’s when DO SOMETHING came to mind. Our follow-up album to WAKE UP is called DO SOMETHING.
Internet trolls are a real problem, so I decided to write a song about them last year. Today, Jeff and I are releasing the pre-release of the video for the soon to be released track DON’T CALL ME A LIAR.
Our bass player (Carla) is among the backup vocals, and Jeff played the cowbell. Should it be louder?
It’ll be even better on the album, but you might really like this!